Whirligigs for lawn decoration

whirligigsFor sometime now I have taken up the craft of making home made whirligigs. The simple design of making a bird with wings to have them be pushed by the wind is the challenge. We start by finding a design or inspired by a family pet to begin our sketch of the next whirligig creation.Once the design is outlinedon wood we begin to cut the shape out of the wood. Attatch the wings, arms, paint and seal.

Mosts whirligigs can survive full season exposer,however a good rule of thumb is to take it in from the harsh weather like winter! Store it away, make minor repairs if needed and get it ready to spread the smiles for next spring. What I do is take a fine sand paper and sand lightly. Then shellac the whirligig.Sand again after the shellac has harden and apply one more coat of shellac. Do a final light sanding and all your whirligigs will last for years to come.

Well what ever you call them whirligigs or whirlygigs, they bring smiles. I have my little whirligig shop located in massachusetts. Drop by and see our whirligigs for a smile.


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